2019            BFA | Photography  |  Pennsylvania College of Art and Design  |  Lancaster, PA

Group Exhibitions

2019             The Adventure Of A Photographer | Pingyao Photo Festival | Pingyao, China

2019             Veil of Perception | PCA&D Senior Show and Celebration | Lancaster, PA

2018           All The World's A Stage | Pingyao Photo Festival | Pingyao, China

2018          Not a Fish  |  Lancaster Art Studios  |  Lancaster, PA

2018           For Your Eyes Only  |  PCA&D Hallway Gallery  |  Lancaster, PA

2017           Pennsylvania Experience: Pictures & Poems   |  PCA&D Atrium  | Lancaster, PA

2016           Creative Challenge  |  Bongsan Cultural Center Exhibition Hall  |  Daegu, South Korea

2016           Remembrance  |  PCA&D  Hallway Gallery  |  Lancaster, PA

2016           Alternative Thinking  |  PCA&D Hallway Gallery  |  Lancaster, PA

2015           Contempoary Barcodes  |  PCA&D Hallway Gallery  |  Lancaster, PA

Professional Experience


Photo Production Assistant  |  The Real Real  |  Secaucus, NJ

            Responsibilities include photographing products to reach daily quota, Working with the stylists, movement of products around the studio, steaming products, and maintaining an organized studio space.


Lab Technician  | Pennsylvania College of Art & Design  |  Lancaster, PA

        Set up equipment, maintain equipment and space, organize workspaces and help students with equipment. Regularly mix C-41 and RA-4 chemistry, and set up the black & white darkroom. Profile printers, paper and monitors.

Internship  |  My Own Color Lab  |  New York City, NY
        Set up darkroom and printing workstations. Mix black and white Chemistry. Digitally retouching images and file preparation and calibration. Printing as well as packaging prints. Assisting in printing in traditional and digitally.


Photo Assistant  |  A Moment in Time: Portraits of Lancaster’s Visual Artists  |  Lancaster, PA

         Assisted Christine Welch and Eric Weeks who were making portraits in connection with the PA Governer’s Awards for the Arts. My job was to set up a studio space and lighting for the photographers to come in and photograph efficiently. In adition, assisted during the photoshoot to make the process run smoothly.

Photographic Proficiency


        35mm, Medium Format, and Large Format Film Cameras. Black & White and C-41 color film development. Darkroom color and Black & White printing. Alternative Processes: Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown, and Platinum Prints


        Digital SLR cameras, Hasselblad H1 Phase One, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premire, Bridge, InDesign, Capture One, Profiling Printers and monitors, Epson Printers, Epson Scanners, Braun Medium Format Film Scanner


        Strobes, Speedlights, Studio Lighting, LED Lights, Hot Lights, and On-Site Lighting

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